Bonsall Gallery

Bonsall Cross  Bonsall Cross Gallery Help  Gallery Help 004  View of the village from Study Drive 005  View of the village from Study Drive. Village Hall. Fountain 009  The Cross looking at Dobb Lane and Green Hill 010  The Cross with the Queen's Head pub just beyond. The King's Head on the right
011  The High Street, the Manor House on the right 002  The Clatterway 003  A view of the village looking north from Black Tor, Study Farm in the foreground 001  Bonsall Lodge at the foot ot the Clatterway, viewed from Holly Finnis 007  The Fountain Pub 008  Yeoman Street looking north up the hill from the Fountain
012  The Queen's Head Pub 013  Bonsall Cross viewed from the bottom of Church Street. Note the earlier form of what was once the shop and the trees on the skyline 014  St James's Church 015  The interior of St James's Church 016  The Mount Guest House looking down on it from Stoney Croft 018  The Barley Mow
019 020  Via Gellia 021  Via Gellia from the top of the hill 022  Slaley Hall surrounded by scaffolding during building or restoration early 20th. Century 023  The Study - home of the Prince family, it burnt down and only the stone bay window survives as part of Study Farm 024  Bonsall Village
026  Bonsall Holiday Camp 025 028  The Flood - Feb.1923 029  The Cross 030  High Street 031  Via Gellia
032  Tufa Cottage - Via Gellia 033  Via Gellia - Tufa Cottage 034  Via Gellia - Tufa Cottage 036  Picture from J Land 035  Picture form J Land 037  Picture from J Land
038  Picture from J Land 039  Bonsall Calamine Mill 040  Bonsall guide post and suicide burial 041  Bonsall Moor buddle 042  Bonsall Moor Lime kiln 017  The School (Now the Village Hall) and the Fountain
006  The Fountain Monument 043  Blackpool Trip 1946 044  Picture from Claudine 045  Picture from Di Moore 047  Picture from Di Moore 048  Bonsall Girls
049  Herbert Millward c1890 050  Left to Right: Jack Millward, Lucy ? Millward (Aunt to Jack), Mrs Gregory's mother, Muriel Millward 051  The War in South Africa Photographed for "The Derbyshire Times" 24 February 1900 052  Millward Family Tree 053 054  Hallam
055  Picture from J Land 056  Picture from J Land 058  Millwards family in garden cNov 1979 059  Childrens theatrical - picture from the Millwards 060  12 soldiers WW1 - Carte Postale "taken on the 17th day of Oct 1916 at Abbert (Albert?)" 062  6 Woman and a baby by a tree, iron railing in the background.  Post Card from the Millwards
061  Postcard to 47679 Pte F E Millward, 24th Machine Gun Co, Transport Section, BEF France "To Frank, It's only a card to wish you very many happy returns of your birthday. May God bless and keep thee though distance lies between. From your loving Mother. (Postcard British Manufacture, Valentine's Series is a guarantee of British Manufacture) 063  Postcard "With Fondest love, all good wishes and the best of luck from Leonard. Mr Frank Millward, 3rd Batt Notts & Derbys, Cleadon Huts, Sunderland, England 064  Picture from the Mountney's 065  Picture from the Mountney's 066  Picture from the Mountney's 067  Picture from the Mountney's
068  Picture from the Mountney's 069  Picture from the Mountney's 070  Group of WW1 Soldiers - Picture from the Mountney's 071  Group of WW1 Soldiers - Picture from the Mountney's 072  Picture from the Mountney's 073  Picture from the Mountney's
074  Picture from the Mountney's 075  Picture from the Mountney's 076  Picture from the Mountney's 077  Picture from the Mountney's 078  Picture from the Mountney's 079  Picture from the Mountney's
080  Picture from the Mountney's 081  John Mountney, taken at Hollies Farm 082  Picture from the Mountney's 083  Nativity 084  Army reservists (?) outside the Queens Head. The name over the door says James Gyte. Phil Tomlinson from Derby has emailed to say "Just been looking at your web page as part of my family history and was amazed to find a picture of my Great Grandfather James Gyte. He was indeed listed as being the 'Inn Keeper' at the Queens Head in the 1901 Census. This is the only know picture of him, (the tall gentleman in the doorway) also we are fairly confident the old gentleman standing to the right of him is his father Abraham Gyte and one of the ladies in the upstairs window we suspect will be his wife Elizabeth (Nee Mosley) If anyone else is researching their family history I would be pleased to hear from you if you have any of the following names in your tree - Tomlinson, Mosley or Gyte. Keep up the tremendous work. (You can contact Phil via  our contact page. 085  Picture from the Slack family
086  1935 Joe & Ernest Slack and their father making hay in Round Low 087  Picture from the Slack family 088  Gr.? Hubert? c1930 Picture from the Slack family 089  1940 - Picture from the Slack family 090  1932 - Picture from the Slack family 091  1937 - Picture from the Slack family
092  1930 - Picture from the Slack Family 093  1933 Three generations of the Slack family 094  Written on the back - Wishing you a Happy New Year (signature- A J Henstock (?)) Dec 31/90 Hanley - Picture from the Slack family 095  Written on the back - Lucy Henstock died August 1916 age 83 Photo be 'Sheldon' Bonsall - picture form the Slack family. 096  Picture from the Slack family 097  Written on the back - Aunty(?) Luce(?) Lucy May Queen the late Charlie Bartram and his mother and sister c1909 - Picture from the Slack family
098  Picture from the Slack family 099  Picture from the slack family 100  Picture from the Smedley family 046  Picture from the Smedley family 101  Details of previous picture 057  Picture from the Smedley family
102  Able Lane - Snow - March 1934 - Picture from the Taylor family 103  The Cross - Picture from the Taylor family 104  The Cross - Picture from the Taylor family 105  May Day 1905 - The Cross - Picture from the Taylor family 106  The Cross - Picture from the Taylor family 107  Picture from the Taylor family
108  Picture from the Taylor family 109  Picture from the Taylor family 110  Picture from the Taylor family 111  Picture from the Taylor family 112  Picture from the Taylor family 113  Picture from the Taylor family
114  Picture from the Taylor family 115  Picture from the Taylor family 116  1935 - Picture from the Taylor family 117  Bonsall School - picture from the Tomlinson family 118  Nativity Play - picture from the Tomlinson family 119  Group outside 'The Fountain Inn' - picture from the Tomlinson family
120  The Cross c1909 121  St.James Church c1913 122  St.James Church 123  The Cross 124  Picture from Bert Wharmby 125  Picture from Bert Wharmby
126  Picture from Bert Wharmby 127  Well Dressing - picture from Bert Wharmby 128  Picture from Bert Wharmby 129  Picture from Bert Wharmby 130  Picture from Bert Wharmby 131  Picture from Bert Wharmby
132  Picture from Bert Wharmby 133  Picture from Bert Wharmby 134  Picture from Bert Wharmby 135  Picture from Bert Wharmby 136  Picture from Bert Wharmby 137  Picture from Bert Wharmby
138  Picture from Bert Wharmby 139  Picture from Bert Wharmby 140  Picture from Bert Wharmby 141  Picture from Bert Wharmby 142  Picture from Bert Wharmby 143  Picture from Bert Wharmby
144  Picture from Bert Wharmby 145  Picture from Bert Wharmby 146  Picture from Bert Wharmby 147  Picture from Bert Wharmby 148  Picture from Bert Wharmby 149  Picture from Bert Wharmby
150  Jack & Arther Webster 151  Jack Webster 152  Carnival Queen - Picture from Beryl Webster 153  St James' Church - Snow - Picture from Beryl Webster 154  Football Club Dinner - c1950 - Fountain Club House 155  M Latham as Bo Peep - c1950 - Bonsall Carnival
156  Carnival - 1952 or 53 157  Assembly of God Sunday School Anniversary 1949 - Picture from D Brimble 158  Assembly of God Church 1949 - Picture from D Brimble 159  Doreen Buxton - picture from Judy Jones 160  Pig of Lead Public House 161  German PoW - Picture from Mrs Gration
162  Charles Whire & family - Picture from Mrs Gration 164  Charles White Election Card - Picture from Mrs Gration 165  Picture from Mrs Gration 166  Presentation to Mr & Mrs White 1911  by Winster Liberal Assn - Picture from Mrs Gration 167  Mrs Gration Grandad John Bunting - Jemima's husband 168  Death of Joseph Bunting 1807
169  George Birch Aunt Hilda's brother - Picture from Mrs Gration 170  Arthur Bunting (Satan) - Picture from Mrs Gration 171  Well Dressing 172  Well Dressing - Margaret Latham 173  Well Dressing 175  Well Dressing
176  Well Dressing 177  Yeoman Stores 178  Ron Webster 1919 Election Leaflet 179 180 181  Eric Massey 1950
182  Crown Square - Matlock 183  Via Gellia from New Road 184  The Bridge - Matlock 185  Rider Point 186  Bobbin Mill 187  Bobbin Mill Wheel
188  Manor Farmhouse 189  Pig of Lead 190  Via Gellia 191  Pond 192  Via Gellia 193  Via Gellia
194  St James Church 195  School - Church 196  Park - Yeoman Street 198  Tradesmen 199  Via Gellia 200  Via Gellia
201  Pig of Lead - Via Gellia 202  Via Gellia 203  Via Gellia 204  Via Gellia 205  Slinters Rock 206  Via Gellia Mill - 'Viyella Mill'
207  Geoge Knowles Jnr. - Born 1918 - back row 5th from right. Photo c.1930 Does anyone recognise any of the others? 208  George Knowles - Born 1879 & Louisa Knowles - nee Gould, born 1878. Photo in front of house opposite The Cross. Louisa was daughter of Luther Gould - born 1843, Town Crier & Well Dresser in Wirksworth. George Knowles senior & Miah Doxey possibly introduced Well Dressing to Bonsall. Photo c.1932 209  George Knowles Jnr. born 1918 is in the centre of front three. Possible a group of lads setting of to Blackpool. Is the chap holding the handle bars Norman Wand - please let us know? Photo c.1938 210  Mary Wright - nee Knowles far left. (Had sisters Lydia, Louisa, Alberta & Ann) Mary may have worked at Paton & Baldwin in Cromford? Photo c.1937 Does anyone recognise any others or the building? 211  Rider Point Toll House, Via Gellia 212  Rider Point Toll House, Via Gellia
213  Bonsall Church 214  Rider Point Toll House, Via Gellia 215  Via Gellia 216  Rider Point, Via Gellia 217  Via Gellia 218  Uppertown
219  Via Gellia